33 Weeks Pregnant and baby is in breech

We had an unscheduled visit to Dr Wong last week as I’ve been feeling this sharp, pulling feeling near my bladder area for the past 2 days. I didn’t think it was a source of concern, although every time it happens, it takes my breath away. It lasts about 1-2 seconds max each time and would come every few minutes during a specific period.

When I spoke to my colleagues who have had experience in childbirth, both of them suggested that I asked my gynae about it. So, I decided to text Dr Wong and the next thing I knew, he asked us to come down to the clinic for a cardiotocography (CTG) scan that same morning.

Note: A CTG is done to see if your baby’s heart beats at a normal rate and variability. A CTG done in your third trimester is also known as a ‘non stress test’ because your baby is not under the ‘stress’ of labour. Normally, a baby’s heart rate is anywhere between 110 and 160 beats per minute and increases when the baby moves.

I panicked after googling what a CTG scan is for and prayed to God that Ayshan is not in distress as it’s still a little early for him to meet us for our first date. Upon reaching the clinic, I was put on the CTG machine where Ayshan’s heartrate was monitored. My “contractions” were also monitored but that stupid, pulling feeling did not happen when I was being monitored. So, the CTG scan results were inconclusive and Ayshan’s heartbeat was normal and it did rise when he was wriggling around.

Unfortunately, we got an alarming news when Dr Wong did an u/s scan. During our 32 weeks scan, Ayshan’s head was already facing down, preparing to enter the world. However, during the 33 weeks scan, Dr Wong discovered that he has somersaulted back up. I don’t know how my dear baby is able to somersault back up when there’s barely any space to do so anymore. It’s really getting cramp in here. As it is uncommon for babies to somersault back up so late in the pregnancy, considering the lack of space and all, Dr Wong basically told me to be mentally prepared that I may need to deliver thru c-section.

To me, I personally don’t care how Ayshan is being delivered, as long as he is safe. Being a mummy-to-be really puts my life to perspective. I really don’t care what happens to me, as long as my dearest baby is fine. Of course, ideally, I would prefer to deliver naturally as the recovery rate is much faster for the mother and I can go back to being active and shed this unwanted pregnancy pounds pronto. But if God decreeds that I give birth thru c-section, then so be it. I would not be fussy and demand that I give birth naturally to a baby in a breech position.

Anw, at 33 weeks pregnant, dearest Ayshan is between 2.3 to 2.4kg. While his growing weight assures me, it also means that Ayshan is running out of time to somersault back down, for me to have a natural delivery. We shall see what happens during our 34 weeks scan. If c-section is truly needed, I think I will opt for Ayshan to be delivered the day he supposedly turns 37 weeks, which is on 7 January 2016 (about 3 weeks away).

Dr Wong gave me 3 days mc, following the CTG scan as he say that pre-term labour is worrying and that I should have enough rest. He did, however, advised that if I truly am having contractions and delivering a pre-term baby, I should consider heading down to KK Hospital to deliver instead of delivering at TMC. He said that a pre-term baby will have to stay in the ICU for a while and it will get expensive for the parents. How nice is my gynae right? Although, considering the conjunctivitis case at KKH, I told husby that even if I have to give birth pre-term, there’s no way I’d go to KKH. My baby’s health is the most impt. Money can always be earned.

To prepare for Ayshan’s arrival, husby and I have washed all his “home” clothes, towels, mittens, booties and caps. We’re only left with his “outside” clothes, bedding and soft toys. We’ll prolly wash his bedding and soft toys in 2 weeks time and prepare his crib. I cannot state enough how excited I am at Ayshan’s arrival and holding him in my arms, despite knowing how much our life is going to change. 🙂


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