34 Weeks Pregnant

Baby Ayshan is still in breech position. His head is towards my right rib cage and his butts are towards my left kidney. He weighs 2.7kg now. We’ll be seeing Dr Wong on NYE and if Ayshan has still not turned, we will schedule for an elective c-section between weeks 37 and 38.

We also got to see Ayshan’s face today and he seems to be munching when we were looking at him (either he’s munching his amniotic fluid or he munches in his sleep, like me). Got a full view of his thick lips and I’m secretly hoping that his thick lips will make breastfeeding easier (with all the lip cushioning). Well, a mummy can hope, right? 🙂

After the scan, Dr Wong said, “You must be feeling very uncomfortable by now, considering the baby is big and is in breech.” I answered, “Yeah. I can’t breathe properly, particularly when I lie down to sleep.”

These days, I sleep on 2-3 pillows each time but whether it’s on my sides or my back, I rarely feel comfortable enough to go into a deep sleep. It’s ok. I shall take this as training for when Ayshan is out.

Anw, Dr Wong also did a vaginal swab today to check if there’s any vaginal virus and if there is, antibiotics will be administered on the day of delivery.

Well, right now, I can only pray that Ayshan will somersault back down in the next 2 weeks. But if he doesn’t, c-section is fine with me too.


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