35 Weeks Pregnant

The day after we turned 35, due to job hazard, husby had to attend to an incident where there was a subject who has chicken pox. Husby has not had chicken pox before and neither has he been vaccinated. While I had chicken pox when I was in primary school, I didn’t think that my pox outbreak was full-blow, as compared to my elder brother who had the pox as well. But I checked with my mummy and she said that I also had full-blown chicken pox. Guess what they said it’s true; when you have the pox when you are a child, the outbreak is not as bad as having it when you’re an adult (my elder brother is 8 years older than me so he was prolly around 18 when he had it).

Upon getting to know about it from husby, I started googling (when will I learn my lesson that googling does not alleviate fears??). I read that if I were to be infected, baby has a chance of developing neo-natal chicken pox which can lead to severe consequences. But what really freaked me out was the term “stillbirth” as I continued reading. 😦

I’m glad I married a wonderful husband who is willing to sacrifice his comfort for the sake of the baby. My husband volunteered to sleep at his work place, upon receiving my texts, and the next day, before coming home, he went to get himself vaccinated. He asked the doctor if there’s any concern getting vaccinated when his wife is pregnant at 35 weeks and the doctor generally told him no. The vaccine supposedly decreases his chances of getting infected to 10% and today is day 3. So far, husby has been feeling fine but I guess it’s still too early to say since the chicken pox virus incubates for 10-14 days. I also hope that I’m immune to chicken pox and this serves as a reminder for me to get myself vaccinated for pox and rubella (apparently my vaccine wore off and we only found out after we got pregnant) before we try for our second child in the future. If I am truly immune from chicken pox, there’s nothing to worry at all as my antibodies will be passed down to Ayshan. I don’t even want to think what happens if I’m not. Haiz.

Anw, at this point, I think we’ve taken all the precaution we could take and therefore, we will leave everything up to God. We really do hope and pray that God will protect baby Ayshan like how He’s been protecting him all this while. Amin.


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