36 Weeks Pregnant

We’re happy to note that baby Ayshan has somersaulted back down and so far his weight (currently between 3.1 to 3.2kg) is still allowing us to prolly give birth naturally, assuming we give birth between weeks 37 and 38, which means he’ll be abt 3.5kg when he enters the world. However, Dr Wong did a cervix check and informed me that my cervix is not yet opened. He did some form of “massage” which was rather painful, though bearable, to “coax” the cervix to dilate. I felt sore there for a couple of days after this cervix massage. -_- He said to not be alarmed if I see any blood but I didn’t.

Dr Wong has advised us to do some exercise (brisk walking, squats, climb staircase) for at least 45 mins each day, to ripen the cervix and we have been doing so, religiously. Even if the husby has to work, I make it a point to walk by myself in the day, such as taking a longer route to buy groceries/breakfast. When the husby is not working, we’ll go to the park, walk around the estate or go to some mall to shop. Like today, we’ll be heading to Ikea later to find some storage stuff. I don’t time myself when we go to the mall because mall walking and brisk walking at the park is obviously different. However, when I feel my groin area getting very sore to the point that sitting is a chore, that’s when I know I’ve sufficiently walked enough for that day as it usually takes ard 2-3 hours of walking to get that sore.

I’ve been anxiously waiting for the mucus plug to drop for the past 4 days (as of this post, we’re currently at 36 weeks, 4 days) since the check-up. But nothing has happened so far. Although, I did notice that I will have some form of pinching sensation at the bottom of my uterus on a nightly basis, which can be quite uncomfortable, borderline painful.

I am also having terrible constipation. The kind that makes my face towel (usually wrapped ard my neck while I’m doing my business) super wet, as though I’ve been to the gym. After spending some time on the toilet bowl, I will either have to stand or go on all fours to allow some room for sh*t to flow thru my intestines. I guess the reason for the sh*t to be “held back” is because baby is pressing down against it. And when the sh*t manages to flow down, that’s when the contraction at the intestines get pretty painful.

We’ll be seeing Dr Wong this thursday (week 37) and he will see if my cervix is open. If it is, he will most prolly ask us to go for an induced delivery or if baby is too big, will ask us to go for a c-section. Actually, during the last u/s scan, Dr Wong commented, “I was quite happy to see your baby breech during the last scan because your baby big.” I think he didn’t want the stress (neither do I) at having to deliver a big baby. So, we shall see what God has planned for us. For now, I’m just excited to meet my baby boy and am counting down the days til I get to hold him in my arms. 🙂


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